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The website design and logo is copyright to K.Dee.K Danceworks and Original Zero. The majority of images used on this website were taken by Stephen & Marney Dainty, except wedding images by David Yarker and Stott Weddings and selected images by Derek Morgan. All images are copyright. Thanks to all of the K.dee.K customers and staff for their time and support in arranging this collection of images. 

We are a supportive bunch here at K.dee.K Danceworks and are happy to help our customers. Be advised however that posts unrelated to K.Dee.K Danceworks posted on our facebook group without permission will be deleted. Posting bogus links or spamming this group will also not be tolerated. The post will be deleted, and the user will be reported and permanently blocked. Our valued friends and customers have signed up to our facebook group to receive information and news about classes/events here at 'The Rialto' and we aim to keep it that way! Thanks! - The K.Dee.K team :)



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