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Dance Styles

Latin American

The recent success of Strictly Come Dancing has brought Ballroom & Latin dancing to the forefront. Latin dancing is fiery and fun! As part of our Ballroom and Latin class you'll learn Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba and Jive! It would be hard to forget the image of those sexy ladies from Strictly Come Dancing. The amazing popularity of Latin American dancing is easily understood once you start dancing it. The Cha Cha Cha with its infectious Cuban beat; the Samba with its fun, Brazilian carnival feeling; the Rumba with its slow, sultry sexy moves; the Paso Doble depicting the spirit of the bull-fight (the man being the matador and the lady being the cape); and the Jive with its roots in Lindy Hop and Swing – all make Latin American dancing an exciting and exhuberant experience.


Elegant and graceful! As part of our Ballroom and Latin class you'll learn Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, and Quickstep. It is one of the most popular styles of dance and you can become either a fun social dancer, or a competitive dancer – the choice is yours. The Waltz with its grace, the Tango with its sharp Latin influence, the Foxtrot with its blues and jazz influence, the Quickstep with its swing and quick timing, and the Viennese Waltz with its influence from Strauss – all of these elements make Ballroom dancing a huge favourite with many people.

Argentine Tango

Sensual and sultry, this beautiful dance form will have you dancing some fancy footwork in no time! As seen on Strictly Come Dancing, this is the dance that catapulted Vincent & Flavia to international fame. Probably the most sensual dance of all, Argentine Tango is enjoying a huge revival. Its origins lie in the back street bars of Buenos Aires, where "Gauchos" or cowboys would dance to impresss ladies of the night! - Not so now!

Our classes are structured in a fun and friendly way.
Guys – we can guarantee to have you dancing like a Gaucho from your first night! Girls – get ready to dance some fancy footwork!


A fun and sexy partner dance with its roots in Latin America! Great for keeping fit too! Salsa is a fun, sexy way to keep fit. It is an easy way to get dancing very quickly. The steps are simple and the rhythm is catchy. With its roots in Cuba, Salsa has a flavour all of its own. In our Salsa classes, you can also learn to dance other Cuban dances such as Merengue, Bachata, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha and many more. Salsa is a fun dance which you can dance almost anywhere and is a big favourite with our customers

 Zumba & Dance Fitness

Party yourself into shape in this fab exercise and fitness class. Join us for some funky latin beats and your favourite pop songs. You won't even notice you are working out. You will be having too much fun!

Street Dance 

If you love face paced, sharp moves and dancing the latest pop music this is the class for you. Fantasic for fitness and enjoyment.



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